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Inspired by you. Established for you. Artisan accessories at affordable prices.

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This is our story.

The brainchild of a few longtime bridal industry gurus, To Have & To Borrow was founded where spectacular artisanship and sensible bridal shopping intertwine. With a desire to bring wonder and awe to every wedding day, we began to ask new questions, in hopes of finding new answers.

The Question: What is it that stirs the soul of a modern bride?

The Answer: It is all in the details.

There is something sweetly magical about those little pieces adorning the gown: the elegant headpieces, the shimmering sashes, and the flowing veil. These bridal accessories are the effortless finishes to the perfect wedding gown.
Here lies the problem: To find the perfect details - artisan, luxury, quality - a bride had only two options. The first: to spend a fortune on the finest of pieces. The second: to settle for second-rate sparkle and lackluster design. A splurge or a loss.

Enter, our solution: To Have & To Borrow

We’re bringing couture, artisan details to every bride at every price point.

Couture: Each piece you order from To Have & To Borrow is custom made-to-order for you.

Whether you choose to rent or buy, you will ALWAYS be the first to wear your piece. The veil, headpiece, belt, or sash you receive is hand-beaded, cut, and crafted for your wear alone. It is the first rentable bridal couture. In purchased pieces, we take couture a step further. Customization of beading, embroidery, swarovski crystal work, and more is available via customer service.

Artisan: Our India-based artisans pour honor, beauty, and precision into each piece they make.

Using hand beading techniques tracing back through hundreds of years, they meticulously weave in authentic Swarovski crystals, intricate embroidery, and dainty hand-cut appliques to the highest-quality tulle and ribbon. From fashion forward belts to classic cathedral veils and everywhere in between, To Have & To Borrow brings luxury elegance and high-end appeal.

For Every Bride.

With both rental and purchase options, luxury couture is now within reach. Our featured designers bring classic and runway accessories to your fingertips in two modern methods. To borrow for a moment, rent elegant standard pieces at affordable prices. To have and to keep, purchase your piece right away or after the rental. For original purchases, you may opt to work with our designers for one-of-a-kind customization. Whatever your vision and whatever your price point, your details are here, To Have & To Borrow.

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